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Pet Nanny Services
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 by Elizabeth and Tess

Tracie is so reliable and helpful. I had hyperemesis when pregnant and was too ill to walk my dogs. She came over while I was stuck in the bathroom and in bed. After the baby was born, she would come and walk while I pumped and fed the baby all day. She is very receptive to last minute changes and has made my life much easier knowing my dogs will always get a little bit of exercise. I am forever grateful to her for getting me through this past year.

 by Kate Longstreet

Tracy is my favorite cat-sitter of all times. She's reliable, has excellent judgement, knows cats inside and out, and almost immediately made friends with my very reclusive cat, Japonica. I'm lucky to have her.

 by Jane Kruse

Thank you, to the Pet Nanny Services team and Tracie, for coming every day to walk Megan. Your reliability, care and compassion have far surpassed all expectations. We are so very lucky to have found you!

 by Lewis Bragg

Tracie came to the house to let our 4 dogs outside for exercise/bathroom time while we were out for the day.She came at the specified window of time and let the 4 dogs in the fenced yard. She carried them outside if needed. After their agreed to time, she wiped their feet, if needed, with a towel. She then fed them their treats. She also cleaned their room and changed their pee pads. She went beyond just babysitting the dogs. In the past, she has taken care of our 4 chickens and watched over the house while we were away on an extended vacation. This included letting the chickens out of their pen, and putting them back in. This also included, watering, feeding, and general observations of their health. She also cleaned the coop as needed!

 by Emily Miller

Tracie at Pet Nanny Services is the Charlottesville Dog Whisperer. She soothed and cared for my large anxious dog. I adopted a large dog who came from a tough background and was a sweet dog but had some fear anxiety around other dogs. Because of that, I never felt right boarding her when I would go out of town. What a gift it was when Tracie took care of my dog - my dog would make a little howling noise whenever she would see Tracie; she simply loved being walked by her and spending weekends with Tracie when I would go out of town. Tracie provided both mid-day walks, and also had "sleepover parties" (offered on the Pet Nanny Services website) when I was out of town.

Tracie cared for my dog up until the very end of her life, adjusting their walk times to match my dog's physical abilities. Tracie really paid attention to my dog and even noticed things about her I hadn't even seen when she was getting sick, and gently let me know what she was seeing, and when I asked, offered some of her expertise. I trusted her 100% to care for my dog physically and also for her mental well being due to her anxiety and when she was nearing the end of her life. Tracie really goes above and beyond the call of duty; she started this company out of her passion for caring for animals. When it comes to my dog, I wouldn't accept anything less than the best; Pet Nanny Services is my go-to.

I look forward to having Tracie and her staff care for my next dog! I have and will continue to recommend Tracie to anyone who needs someone to help care for their dog while they are at work or away.

 by Tori Tremaglio

Whether I'm out of town for the day or have a long day at work, I use Pet Nanny Services when I'm unable to get home in the early evening to feed and walk my boxer. They are really very responsive and text me after visits. Love the flexibility and reliability of the service.

 by Laurie & Taz

Tracie took care of my two dogs over a five day time-period in my home. One of my dogs had recently been diagnosed with cancer and was healing from surgery. My sick dog took a turn for the worse during my time away and Tracie went above-and-beyond what I could ever have expected in her care of him. Her efforts were nothing short of heroic in caring for my dying dog, taking him to my vet in a snowstorm, and keeping him comfortable until I could return to him. She even spent the night at my house with him at the last minute, being flexible in her planning. She kept in close touch with me over the phone and texting with updates until I could make it home through the snowstorm. Her ability to think through each step in a difficult process, and communicate and collaborate with me was amazing. I highly recommend Pet Nanny Services!

 by Dea Mahanes

Tracie has been taking care of my cats for several years whenever I travel and she is simply phenomenal! With other pet sitters I used to call and check on my animals, but I don't feel like I need to do that with Tracie because she is a true professional. My cats (former feral's) all respond very well to her. Fortunately none of my pets have special medical needs right now, but in the past Tracie has taken care of meds etc while pet sitting. I highly recommend her! She does a great job and her prices are also very reasonable.

 by Diane Johnson

Tracie and her colleagues at Pet Nanny Services are outstanding. They are reliable, professional, trustworthy, capable, and accommodating. They are very helpful when I have questions or concerns regarding my pets. My dog and cats adore them and are often at the door awaiting their arrival. They know and love animals. I am very fortunate to be a client.

 by Beth and Jack Schmid

Tracie visits our two dogs, walks them, feeds them, gives one of them her daily medicines when they are due to be given. And importantly, she plays with them and sends us pics of them during each trip we take. That is so very reassuring because we are worry worts when it comes to our dogs. Our old girl and our young whipper-snapper boy both love her! She goes way beyond what would be expected when she takes care of our dogs. She once insisted that we go forward with a planned trip, even after one of our dogs had been attacked by a Rottweiler and had two serious puncture wounds. She took our dog to the vet at least twice in a 5-day trip period, even though he had two tubes inserted into the back of his neck. We felt badly about going and leaving her with this responsibility, but she insisted, and we knew that our dog would be in the best of hands. Her care for our dogs over the years could NOT be better or more caring and loving. We feel that our dogs and our home are in excellent hands when we travel. And as I said before, our dogs love her and look forward to seeing her.