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Tracie Gallagher - Owner Pet Nanny Services Charlottesville

Tracie Gallagher

Owner and Pet Nanny

Hi, I’m Tracie Gallagher, owner and operator of Pet Nanny Services. I have been a professional pet sitter and dog walker in Charlottesville, VA since 2007. I started Pet Nanny Services shortly after moving here because I saw a need for quality in-home pet care. I enjoy keeping pets happy and safe; I am always learning from pets’ innate ability to be naturally happy with whatever is given to them. I am awed over the hundreds of pet parents that have trusted me with the care of their animals and so grateful to have had the experience of doing so. I enjoy helping people – this is one of the things I love most about pet sitting. I belong to a national pet sitting organization (NAPPS – National Association of Professional Pet Sitters), attend pet sitting conferences, and read journals in this field. Pet Nanny Services keeps me very busy, but when I have free time, you can find me walking my own pup, Arnie, and hanging out with my cat Jackson. I also enjoy listening to books on tape, knitting, hiking, watching football (Go Birds!), and spending time with my family.
Stacey Gallup

Stacey Gallup

Pet Nanny

Hi! My name’s Stacey Gallup. I live in Charlottesville with my daughter and we have many pets of our own: three cats, Sita, Crystal, and Ruby, a guinea pig, Penny, a catfish, Pleco S. Thomas, a school of tetras, and a nerite snail. I have cared for pets my whole life, but I began working with Pet Nanny Services several years ago. I realized that for me, caring for animals is one of the most fulfilling jobs I’ve ever had. Being in the presence of animals is therapeutic and stress relieving. I am especially drawn to cats and try to give each cat the space or attention they need on their terms (there are no other terms for cats). I believe each pet is unique and has special gifts to share. I enjoy propagating many succulents in my sunroom, which is also my home office. This is where I provide operations support to financial advisors under the supervision of my cats.

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